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The Hippocratic Oath is a rule not only for physicians,

but for each scientist and engineer


Becoming part of the UNIcommunity group of partner companies, Techcoin launches a unique blockchain with its own token, which allows payment transactions to be carried out inside the system, reward for publications and reviews of scientific papers, store big data about all research, discoveries and research.

One of our achievements is the joint work on the development and creation of the VODPROM platform aimed at preserving the environment, providing access to high-quality water for all inhabitants of the earth and offering opportunities for joint investment in water treatment plants under the guarantees of the foundation and the government, with voluntary participation in the project.

Techcoin intends to look for partners in other areas of industry and entrepreneurship in a similar structure of partial integration.

The Techcoin ecosystem will always remain independent and belong only to scientists and engineers.


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