Articles proposed for publication will be checked by administrators with professional

education in the relevant scientific and technical fields.

Publication of scientific articles and engineering works in the form of an NFT.

You will be able to attach a brief description of the article to the NFT publication and

to auction yours NFT-article.

NFT-article with description and review (with a video of a working prototype) in form

of a Proof-of-Concept for scientific article (engineering development).

Any user will be able to contact an author in order to buy a patent for an invention.

It is planned to store the library data in the layers of the blockchain network in order

to ensure the secure storage of data on developments and scientific works.

A second layer of the library with degree validation admission.

Further consideration is being given to making the library multi-lingual.


Multi-layer system designed for more efficient transmission and storage of an array of data;

Flexible blockchain based on our Proof-of-Expanders algorithm for scalability

and Proof-of-Stake algorithm consensus;

Storage of personal data of all users of the resource in the blockchain network;

In the case of high TCH quotations it is supposed to split the currency into thousands of components – “branes”;

It is planned to introduce a progressive commission on transactions (1-5%);

The bonuses accumulated by users are activated into cryptocurrency Techcoin 1:1.

The maximum issue of Techcoin is 50 million TCH.

     Language: Python, C++.


Flexible Turing-complete system of smart contracts;

Language translations of scientific articles and engineering paper;

System for creating NFT-articles at a lower cost than the average cost of NFT.

Language: Solidity.