Welcome to the open source platform created by Daniel Marvel and Igor Krevulin.

  The platform is an online library that will be replenished by its own users: scientists, engineers, researchers and developers. Users will buy a subscription to access the library's resources and receive bonuses for their publications and professional reviews of other works on the resource.

  Techcoin’s mission is to bring together scientists and engineers from all over the world, to create a convenient platform for interaction with entrepreneurs.

  One of the tasks of our platform is to create a technologically advanced payment system for the speed and convenience of money transfers.
  Our goals:
   - provide a unique financial and research tool for everyone;
   - to collect and update the library of works on solving any scientific and technical issues.

  The platform is also provided for entrepreneurs and technical directors of various enterprises: the library is convenient for finding solutions to technical and technological problems and tasks, searching for young specialists and developers.

  Platform users can leave a description of a technical problem for which it is important for them to find a solution. Thus, users can promote their ideas, works, their activities, look for investors, sell their patents and know-how, exchange experiences, etc.

  For the technical implementation of this idea, it was decided to use blockchain technology and smart contract systems: users themselves will be able to conclude contracts with each other within any of the above interactions on the platform.

  The ecosystem's own cryptocurrency unit will make it convenient to purchase subscriptions, receive bonuses, and carry out transactions for the purchase and sale of developments. Blockchain will make the storage of library data reliable.
  Different users of the platform can become investors for each other, for example, technical directors of enterprises; an investor can be a platform user who has not previously engaged in investments.

  For the convenience and security of the transfer of intellectual property rights through the blockchain, it is planned to create its own NFT-constructor for the encoded digitization of scientific papers.

  Since the weight of the file with scientific work is not very large - about 10-100 kB. It is possible to create such an NFT constructor that will significantly reduce the average market value of such a token.

  The main difference between the Techcoin platform and platforms like LinkedIn is that Techcoin is focused on the work of specialists, not their portfolio. This gives its advantages both for the promotion of specialists, and for hunters and entrepreneurs.
  Despite the fact that trust in cryptocurrencies on the stock market is unstable, we believe that cryptocurrencies as a technical tool for business in the field of advanced technologies are able to have financial stability.

  By combining our efforts in the common interest in a flexible and decentralized system of econometrics, we are able to achieve what will become an individual dream for everyone.