On this resource you can publish scientific and engineering articles, you can read articles of other authors in a various fields of science and engineering. Also, you can submit a development request for scientist or engineering problems. Like an article, you can publish an astrophotography with a description of the captured area of the sky in the field “article short description”. Additionally, you can insert a description of the equipment used.

Articles proposed for publication will be checked by administrators with professional education in the relevant scientific and technical fields.

Only a user who has published at least one article can open access to any section of the library. Entrepreneurs will also have access after first any publication or through authentication on request through the “contact us” form on the main page.

You can publish your work in an open format and receive a fixed number of bonuses (Techcoin – TCH) in your personal account, or you can publish a summary of your article with a specified purchase amount for its full version. You can specify in the field “additional information” your e-mail address and other users which interested in your work will be able to contact you.

Your name, specified during registration, will be automatically displayed with the title of the article. Optionally, if you are single author of publishing article, you can leave your publication anonymous.

Also, you can leave reviews for other works; your name will automatically appear with uploaded file of review. For the publication of reviews, you receive a fixed number of bonuses too.

Similarly, you can leave your request for the development of a modern engineering, scientific or technical innovation in the appropriate section of the library like an ordinary article. You are need specify in the field “article short description” what are you publishing exactly.

Using bonuses, you can make accessible for viewing sections of the library which articles you would like to read. If you do not have enough bonuses, you can buy it on our site.

Each published work is rewarded with TCH bonus and this is our price list:

  • Publication of scientific article/engineering paper: 20 TCH;
  • Publication of review: 10 TCH;
  • Transfer of a publication from section to section: -2 TCH;
  • Republish your work in another section of the library: -2 TCH;
  • To open access to a closed section of library for month: -30 TCH;
  • Access to the entire library for month: -150 TCH;
  • Report a bag on the site: 5 TCH.